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Vics Gems 

I wish I could stick to one hobby........sigh


Faceting a gemstone.  I am an ISG Registered Gemologist.  I no longer facet, but it was fun to learn.

Glass Beaded Hat Bands

#11 sead beads

Have made several beaded hat bands of my own design and some Native American Styles.  30 hours to complete

Torn Paper Collage

Love the Tuxedo Cats and did a few in Collage.  Colored torn paper glued on hard board. 

Watches and Bands

Just can't have too many watches

Mesquite Telecaster 

Figured I could make one, so I did - Out of Mesquite.

Survival Bracelet

Thought these were interesting so I thougt I would make a few.  Have given away quite a few too